Our Products

SMS Marketing

Fusion, the leading SMS interactivity platform allows clients to set up, run and report on the vast majority of their mobile interactive needs from a single dashboard. The platform enables competitions, votes, comments, couponing and database broadcasting as well as housing a suite of Mobile CRM tools used by leading media companies and brands. It has been designed to allow partners to easily run and manage campaigns across multiple client groups and business units.

An intuitive interface and resilient backend sets Fusion up as the leading SMS marketing and Mobile CRM platform. Fusion can be easily plugged into existing billing infrastructure or be directly deployed without the need for any integration.

Sales Promotion

With over 10 years experience supplying mobile interactivity for sales promotions BBA Digital is the experts in delivering the technical backend for the full spectrum of mobile enabled SP activity. From On Pack Instant Win through Sampling with Data Collection to Discounts and Couponing, we have run campaigns creating 30 Million + URNs for a single deployment all the way down to 1000 or less highly targeted interactions. We are happy to share the knowledge and insight gained through over a decade helping the development of interactive sales promotion..

Site Design

Smart phone penetration in the UK is 56% and rising. However, only 2% of SMEs have a mobile website. Our MyM Cart site creation engine takes the most up to date responsive design methodologies and applies them to our clients’ existing desktop sites instantly mobilising them creating state of the art mobile web content and sites on the fly. Clients can create their own sites in minutes or let us create a bespoke mobile web presence for them.

Key to the MYM site creating engine is a clean and simple UI, fast loading times intuitive design and a quick route to check out.

Mobile Commerce

Over the coming years 63% of the UK population expect to be shopping from their phones. With half of all mobile users already searching for local businesses optimising sites to be Mobile Commerce friendly can lead to 300% increase in sales conversions.

In an increasingly complex mobile ecosystem knowing what billing type to use and how to best implement it become key Mobile Commerce questions BBA Digital are well place to answer. We have an in-depth understanding of effectively integrating a wide array of billing types onto mobile devices. Be it, On-Bill, Premium SMS, Credit Card, Mobile Wallet and in App, our agnostic approach ensures clients securely incorporate the billing systems most appropriate for their business.